We help tech companies find, hire and retain diverse talented people

At Diversa, we match companies with candidates according to skill set, environmental, community and leadership needs.



We are building a platform and matching algorithm that brings diverse candidates into the Consultant management hiring pipeline by eliminating unconscious It management consulting firms bias and machine learning bias from the screening process. 


We also help companies build more inclusive working Independent consultant environments, and help candidates build their skills, confidence and leadership It management and consulting  abilities by providing educational content It and business consulting company and learning tools.


Do you know how to find, hire and retain diverse talent?

Do you know if your team is experiencing microaggressions or unconscious bias in your workplace?

Our team can help you find the right consultants to ensure you are building an inclusive and welcoming workplace environment. 


Are you having a hard time finding openings for jobs at the right companies for you?


Do you have a hard time getting feedback from companies about your performance in interviews? 

Our team can help you prepare for your tech and behavioral interviews, as well as help you with improving your confidence, and negotiating your offers.


Lack of diversity within companies of Silicon Valley costs businesses over $400 Billion in lost revenues annually. However, even with Diversity and Inclusion teams,  many companies are still not seeing an increase in the number of under-represented team members.


Tash Jefferies, Founder and CEO of Diversa, created this company because not only does she understand the underlying issues behind lack of diversity, she lives with them each and every day.


  Diversa helps companies recruit, hire and retain diverse talent, and helps job seekers develop their interviewing, confidence and negotiation skills. 

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